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Scepter Canada Inc.

Scepter Fuel Containers

Scepter Fuel Canisters

The Scepter Military Fuel Canisters are supplied by Scepter to military entities directly or as accessories on military vehicles and with military equipment produced and supplied by third parties.

Stringent Military specifications apply to the Scepter MFCs, which in turn means that they cannot always be fully compatible with guidelines or standards that may apply in various civilian fuel can markets. As a consequence the military end-use market is the primary market for the Scepter MFCs, MFC parts and accessories.

In the USA, the MFC, its accessories and parts are delivered and sold only for military, FEMA, or associated entities under an EPA exemption.

For information on supply and support for military end-use applications please contact e2eae591T8c82s-bCDlyhaWObWD@aC|.

The Scepter MFC is qualified and registered under the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Its recommendations on package testing are adopted by Governmental and modal regulatory authorities around the globe in accordance with standard UN resolutions.

Scepter Canada Inc.

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